Hydro and Energy

Hydro and Energy
Penstock for Hydro Dam

Millinocket Fabrication and Machine has many years of experience fabricating large Penstocks and fishways, repairing and rebuilding hydro runners, cylinders, crown plates, shafts, gears wicket gates, and other large parts.

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Vacuum Systems

Liquid Nitrogen Pump System

With our 100 years of experience and quality workmanship, we keep growing in all fields. Vacuum systems are just one example. We manufacture vacuum tanks, chambers, and machined components in a variety of industries.

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Skid Packages/ASME

Condensate Return Tank

Millinocket Fabrication and Machine, LLC. provides customers throughout North America with complete Turn-Key systems. At our facility in Millinocket, Maine we manufacture and assemble every component and deliver direct to your place of business, on-time, and on budget.

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Groundwood Products

fabricated-grinder-shaftFabricated Grinder Shaft

Grinder Parts

We have over 100 years of experience providing parts for Grinders, both new and rebuilt. Our knowledge of grinder performance provides quality rebuilds that are on time and at competitive costs. We can fabricate a wide range of grinder parts as well as any other custom requirements you might have. Millinocket Fabrication & Machine, LLC is committed to serving the needs of the Pulp, Paper, and Forestry Industries.

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