Communication Equipment

At Millinocket Fabrication and Machine, we take great prices in our communication equipment machining. Communication and wireless equipment, parts, components, and sub-components must be precision machined to allow these systems to transmit and receive signals. Customers rely upon us for our 24/7 service, knowledge, and the expertise of our exceptional team of engineers, technicians, machinists, and welders.

Custom Fabricated & Stock Parts

In today’s time-critical marketplace, subcontracting work to a small machine shop is problematic at best. This is especially the case when high-precision machining and manufacturing must be combined with engineering know-how and expertise. Millinocket Fabrication & Machine, LLC is a company with over 100 years of experience in manufacturing and machining custom parts with the most challenging geometries.


Double Wall Tanks

Millinocket Fabrication and Machine’s custom double wall tanks are precision-machined and highly-engineered storage tanks that are capable of above-ground or below-ground storage. These double wall steel tanks are manufactured from high-grade steel where the main tank is surrounded by an outer steel wall that provides critical protection against spills or leaks.

Groundwood Products

We have over 100 years of experience providing parts for Grinders, both new and rebuilt. Our knowledge of grinder performance provides quality rebuilds that are on time and at competitive costs. We can fabricate a wide range of grinder parts as well as any other custom requirements you might have. Millinocket Fabrication & Machine, LLC is committed to serving the needs of the Pulp, Paper, and Forestry Industries.

Hydro Penstock

Hydro and Energy

Millinocket Fabrication and Machine has developed a long and storied history of service excellence in the hydro and energy sector. We’re relied upon for steel penstock fabrication and hydropower parts. Our overall approach to providing complete energy parts solutions is what distinguishes us from our competitors. Our customers see us as their first and only option for hydro fabrication and they come to us repeatedly for our experience rebuilding, repairing, or refurbishing replacement parts and hydro structures.

Mechanical Grinding Parts

Millinocket Fabrication and Machine’s 100-year relationship with the Pulp, Paper, and Forestry Industry has produced multiple product innovations. Our business grew from providing time-critical machining and manufacturing services to paper mills. We understand full-well how a machine downtime can impact production throughput and lead to substantial losses. That’s why we provide paper mill components and paper mill parts with 24/7 emergency service so that you never have to settle for an idle machine.

Skid Packages/ASME

Millinocket Fabrication & Machine, LLC takes a customer-centric approach to every customized Skid Package we manufacture. We offer a full-service, turn-key ASME certification solution from start to finish. What does that mean exactly? It means we manufacture and integrate the entire Skid Package to ASME standards ourselves. We also work from customer-supplied drawings and schematics to define the upstream and downstream process flow of the Skid Package in order to manufacture and assemble the entire system.

Steel sleeve 22'' od x 1'' wall for rolling wire or metal strips that will be used in the chemical process, food & pharmaceutical, oil & gas and other industries

Steel Sleeves & Core

A steel sleeve – commonly referred to as a steel core – manufactured by Millinocket Fabrication and Machine LLC has an anti-corrosive zinc coating that not only increases the service life of the steel but also protects the inner core of the sleeve from extreme heat, noxious chemicals, and hydrocarbons. We are a steel core manufacturer widely recognized for our high-precision steel sleeve machining and ability to work with extremely large pipe sleeves, ones that are often beyond the capabilities of our competition.

Timing Crown

Vacuum Systems

At Millinocket Fabrication & Machine, LLC, we leverage over 100 years of machining and manufacturing excellence in every steel vacuum chamber and thermal vacuum chamber we manufacture. As a customized industrial vacuum systems manufacturer, we understand full-well how important it is to have a ready-made vacuum solution you can count on time and again.