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In today’s time-critical marketplace, subcontracting work to a small machine shop is problematic at best. This is especially the case when high-precision machining and manufacturing must be combined with engineering know-how and expertise. Millinocket Fabrication & Machine, LLC is a company with over 100 years of experience in manufacturing and machining custom parts with the most challenging geometries. Our 40,000 square foot facility is complemented by multiple CNC lathe, milling, boring and cutting equipment, and our 15-ton overhead crane means we can handle pretty much anything thrown at us.

Skid Packages
Skid Packages

Your OEM Metal Parts Solution

As impressive as our equipment and facility are, they pale in comparison to our dedicated team of skilled technicians, machinists, and engineers. Each works in unison to provide high-quality custom machined parts and OEM parts machining. For some customers, it’s a question of reverse engineering a subcomponent or integrated assembly. For other customers, it’s about the need to repair or refurbish components to their original OEM schematic. Our custom part machining and engineering capabilities are ideally suited for any new, rebuilt, or reverse-engineered part and we’ve done it for multiple applications in multiple industries.

Millinocket Fabrication & Machine, LLC has comprehensive CNC machining capabilities combined with some of the largest vertical and horizontal machining equipment available in the New England area. We can machine multiple metal alloys including aluminum, cast iron, high-grade steel, stainless steel, Ni-Hard, Ni-Resist, and bronze, just to name a few. We can machine multiple component configurations up to 14 feet in diameter, with 140-inch vertical by 21-inch horizontal full milling.

Stocking Arrangements

Having the machining capabilities and engineering know-how is one thing, but being a full-service custom parts manufacturer sometimes requires the willingness to manufacture and stock additional OEM metal parts. We understand how much a component failure can impact your business. Having a tailor-made backup ready and available to ship at a moment’s notice is something we are more than willing to do.
Skid Packages

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