fabricated-grinder-shaftFabricated Grinder Shaft

Grinder Parts

We have over 100 years experience providing parts for Grinders both new and rebuilt.  Our knowledge of grinder performance provides quality rebuilds that are on time and at competitive costs.

We can fabricate a wide range of grinder parts as well as any other custom reuqirements you might have.  Millinocket Fabrication & Machine, LLC is committed to serving the needs of th Pulp, Paper and Forestry Industries.

groundwood-products-002Finger Bar Inserts for Pulp Grinders groundwood-products-003Bronze Nut for 14"Shaft feed-magazineFeed Magazine for Pulp Grinder groundwood-products-005Tank Agitator Stuffing Box

Our committment to quality and many years experience can assure you a job well done.

With our many years of experience in a diverse range of business and industrial needs we are confident we can meet all your metal requirements

Material Types

  • Stainless Steel
  • Cast iron
  • Ductile Iron
  • Steel
  • Bronze
  • Aluminum
  • Special Alloys


  • Chrome Plated Pistons Rods
  • Piston Heads
  • Piston Followers
  • Packing Glands
  • Door Cylinder Rods
  • Cylinder Relines
  • Cylinder Covers
  • Stuffing Boxes
  • Finger Bars
  • Bronze Nuts

Fabricated Machined Grinder Parts

  • Side Frames
  • Bearing Housing
  • Machine Bases
  • Magazine Screens
  • Magazine Frames
  • Grinder Shafts