Millinocket Fabrication and Machine has many years of experience fabricating large Penstocks and fishways, repairing and rebuilding hydro runners, cylinders, crown plates, shafts, gears wicket gates and other large parts.

Penstocks and fishways

Many of the penstocks created during peak construction years in the last century are in need of repair or replacement. The purposes and objectives of penstocks may have changed over time and require re-engineering. Whether your need is repair or to create replacement part and structures, we can provide the solutions.

Likewise, fishways are are becoming increasing important and the needs and functions are evolving as we understand more about waterway ecologies. From simple fishladders to complex routing pipelines and passageways, we can provide full fabrication and delivery.

Hydro runners, cylinders, crownplates and gates

We have decades of experience machining and fabricating parts for paper mills, dams, power plants and other hydro facilities. This is a specialized area for which we are well equipped and understand the unique requirements.

Trommel Screens for Recycling and Energy Conversion

We are capable of manufacturing and performing repairs on trommel screens up to 8′ in diameter, as well as all associated machining for parts and assembly.