Hydro and Energy

Millinocket Fabrication and Machine has developed a long and storied history of service excellence in the hydro and energy sector. We’re relied upon for steel penstock fabrication and hydropower parts. Our overall approach to providing complete energy parts solutions is what distinguishes us from our competitors. Our customers see us as their first and only option for hydro fabrication and they come to us repeatedly for our experience rebuilding, repairing, or refurbishing replacement parts and hydro structures.

Steel Penstock Fabrication

Several of the penstocks manufactured for the hydro and energy sector over the past century are aging and desperately in need of repair or replacement. More importantly, given the age and service life of these penstocks, many of them must be reverse-engineered. That’s where we come in.

Our savvy team of skilled technicians and experienced engineers have invaluable experience reconditioning, repairing, or redesigning replacement penstocks. It’s what we’ve done time and again.

Hydro Runners, Cylinders, Crown-Plates and Gates

As a manufacturer that has been in business since 1906, we have decades of experience manufacturing, machining, and designing critical components and assemblies for paper mills, dams, power plants, and other hydro facilities. Whether it’s needing us to repair and rebuild hydro runners, cylinders, crown plates, shafts, gears, or other large parts, we can be there with you every step of the way.

Trommel Screens for Recycling and Energy Conversion

We are capable of manufacturing and repairing trommel screens up to 8 feet in diameter, as well as all reverse engineering, designing, and manufacturing multiple parts and assemblies.


As environmental regulatory bodies learn more about waterway ecologies, the needs and requirements of fishways have changed. We’ve met that change by providing our customers with tailor-made solutions. Whether it’s manufacturing fish ladders or designing and machining complex pipelines and passageways, we have the solution you need.

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