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At Millinocket Fabrication & Machine, LLC, we leverage over 100 years of machining and manufacturing excellence in every steel vacuum chamber and thermal vacuum chamber we manufacture. As a customized industrial vacuum systems manufacturer, we understand full-well how important it is to have a ready-made vacuum solution you can count on time and again.

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The Multiple Applications for Vacuum Systems

Whether it’s needing a made-to-order power plant vacuum chamber to improve turbine efficiency, a thermal vacuum chamber for testing high-altitude pressure on aerospace components, or simply needing a cylindrical vacuum for degassing and leak testing, we can make what you need when you need it. Our full-service solution allows us to design, manufacture and weld everything in-house so you know everything is taken care of from conception to completion.

There are multiple industrial applications for vacuum chambers and each one has a specific set of requirements. Our team of highly-trained and skilled engineers has the design acumen to meet any requirement. A vacuum chamber manufacturer should combine state-of-the-art machining, first-class welding, and superior design capabilities, and we meet all three of these requirements hands down.

We’ve manufactured liquid nitrogen and thermal cooling vacuum chambers for several Aerospace requirements. These wide-reaching aerospace applications can be used to simulate high altitude pressure or extreme stress on components and assemblies, or also be used in aerospace metallurgical and research laboratories to supply liquid nitrogen to high-power scanning electron microscopes.

Even if your requirements are more generic in nature, we can help. You may only need a stationary or central vacuum chamber for cleaning. Regardless of the application, we apply the same level of workmanship and dedication to every chamber we manufacture.

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