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Your trusted provider for metal fabrication services, Millinocket Fabrication and Machine, specializes in industrial fabrication services for heavy equipment. Our custom fabrication services, extensive inventory, and competitive technology solutions enable us to meet the needs of modern equipment manufacturers in large metal fabrication for stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, aluminum, bronze, and specialty alloys.
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21' Cable Pans for undersea communications
12' x 15' dry steel tanks in the field

What Are Metal Fabrication Services?

Custom metal fabrication services can include casting, cutting, forming, machining, punching, shearing, stamping, or welding. These services have a broad range of applications for building or upgrading heavy equipment.

The skilled engineers at Millinocket Machine provide custom metal fabrication services to create state-of-the-art machinery using high-quality materials. Custom fabricated products ensure your equipment, metal components, and sheet metal products meet your needs precisely.
According to recent estimates, there are approximately 1,700 large steel fabricators in the US. A metal fabrication company completes the processes necessary to create equipment and its structural components using raw materials.

Types of Industrial Fabrication Services

Large steel fabricators use one or more fabrication processes to create a final product from steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, and specialty alloys.


The mass production of machine parts is possible with casting. This process involves filling a mold with molten metal to create identical and intricate components. After the metal solidifies, the product is ready to use.


Laser cutting, power scissors, plasma, and waterjet cutting are modern techniques for dividing metal into distinct segments. Many large metal fabrication projects begin by cutting the metal into the desired size and shape for further processing.


Folding or forming metal involves bending it to achieve specific angles and shapes. This process is standard for shaping sheet metal in custom designs.


Machining is a metal fabrication service that can involve drilling, milling, or turning to achieve a desired shape in the material. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is the most common process for creating custom fabrication designs.


Punching is the process of creating one or multiple holes in sheet metal, often for attaching mechanical parts, embossing, and designing shapes.


Shearing is a technique to create long cuts in metal sheets. An upper blade and a lower blade come together, applying pressure to the metal. By adjusting the pressure on each blade, the machine can cut irregularly shaped materials with precision.


Stamping is a process that involves creating an indentation in metal. Our machines can stamp letters, images, and other shapes onto a wide range of metals.


Welding joins multiple pieces of metal together. Using heat and pressure, large steel fabricators can join components of any shape or size. Standard welding techniques include MIG (Metal Inert Gas Welding) and TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas Welding).

What Do Steel Metal Fabricators Do?

Metal fabricators begin by converting design and CAD data into machine code. Then, the required fabrication processes can convert the sheet metal into a precise form. Using laser, waterjet, or plasma cutting machines, the metal fabricator removes unnecessary pieces.
Brakes, dies, and punches help form the raw material’s angular bends and shapes next. Finally, welding and assembly complete the final product. With custom fabrication, you can create metal products for a wide range of applications in the automotive, aerospace, defense, dental, energy, medical, and manufacturing industries, to name a few.

Boilers, Pressure Vessels, & Piping

Millinocket Machine completes work according to ASME specifications, offering custom fabrication services for boilers, pressure vessels, and power piping in stainless steel and mild steel. You can count on us to deliver a safe, practical, and precise metal product that meets your expectations and complies with ASME specifications.

Custom Fabrication From the Experts

Millinocket Machine leverages advanced technology and quality materials to deliver high-precision metal fabrication services for industrial purposes.

We stock stainless steel plates up to 1-1/2 inches thick, ID and IPS pipe from 2 to 12 inches, elbows and tees, and a wide selection of bar and angle stock sizes in 304L and 316L grades.

Our complete welding services include MIG, TIG, and stick welding on almost any material. We also handle your heavy rolling or plate bending requests. Additionally, we have automated burning equipment.

Partial Equipment List:

  • Plate Rolls – 1’’ X 12’ Pullmax
  • Plate Rolls – 3/4′′ X 8′ Long Round Hydraulic
  • 300 Ton Press Brake 12′ Long
  • 150 Ton Press Brake 12′ Long
  • Ncg Burning Table 10′ X 20′ Table With Burny 3 Control
  • Thermal Dynamics Pak 45 Plasma Cutting Machine 3′′ Capacity Stainless Steel With 8′ X 14′ Water Table
  • #2 Buffalo Rolls – 4 X 4 X 5/8′′ Cap
  • 1/2 Buffalo Rolls – 2 X 2 X 1/4′′ Cap
  • Cincinnati Shear – 1/2′′ Capacity X 10′ Long
  • 175 Ton Metal Muncher
  • Aluminum Heliarc Welding Equipment
  • Mig And Tig Welding Equipment
  • 3 – 5000# Fork Trucks
  • 1 – 22,000# Fork Truck W/200′′ Lift Capacity
  • 10 Ton Overhead Crane
  • 14 Ton Grove Mobile Crane
  • 1-1/2′′ To 4′′ Pipe Threading Machine Oster #774
  • Sandblasting Equipment

In addition to possessing the technical capabilities, we also have an experienced and knowledgeable team that understands the nuances of large metal fabrication. Stainless steel is notorious for distorting and expanding during welding. Our experts finish your stainless fabrication projects with flawless precision and professional results.

We can handle your heaviest jobs. Find out more about Custom Fabrication from the professionals at Millinocket Machine.

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